Our Story

Companion CBD was created from a simple question: How can we develop CBD-based products that are true to the science that are loved by pets and their owners alike.

In 2018 when the “Farm Bill” was passed, the availability and interest in CBD skyrocketed. The potential therapeutic value of CBD and many of the other cannabinoid compounds could now be harnessed and the research dedicated to exploring these compounds accelerated.

We recognized early on that developing products that stayed true to the published science and that evolved with new research would provide the veterinary community and pet owners options to manage a variety of conditions.

As practicing veterinarians who had previously used CBD in practice, we recognized that the experience of working with pet owners and dealing with the challenges of treating pets in practice was necessary to formulate products that would be palatable and easy to administer for longer periods of time.

CBD like any “new” therapy was identified and marketed as a “cure-all”, but the products, dosing recommendations and frequent contaminants made finding reliable products challenging. We formed Companion CBD to change that paradigm; we wanted to focus on providing products and guidance that actually worked to improve pets’ lives, and the relationships they have with their owners. We weren’t interested in just “selling products”, we needed to make a difference that mattered to people.