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About CBD

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of a group of compounds (phytocannabinoids) that comes from the hemp plant. Many of these compounds have shown potential benefit as therapeutic agents to treat a wide variety of disease, but CBD is one of the largest chemical constituents of this group and has been shown to hold great promise in human and veterinary medicine. Conditions such as osteoarthritis, anxiety disorders, seizure disorders, cancer, and diseases of the immune system are all potential targets for CBD.

As a pet owner, what do I need to know about CBD?

CBD is not a psychoactive compound like THC. THC is the compound in marijuana that produces a euphoric “high.” CBD is a cannabinoid compound, also found in the cannabis and hemp plants, but does not alter perception, cognitive function or dexterity.

CBD is being actively studied in human and veterinary medicine. While CBD can be used as an adjunct or sole agent in the management of many conditions, the decision to use it should be made after consultation with your veterinarian.

Can you overdose on CBD?

The short answer? No. While it is possible to give your pet more CBD than is beneficial, the most typical side effect he or she will experience is drowsiness. If you want CBD to work properly, don’t overdo it. (And, we veterinarians should add, don’t under-dose. CBD must be administered properly to achieve desired results.)

Why is CBD good for dogs and THC bad for them?

While no adverse effects have been observed when administering large quantities of CBD to dogs (or cats), even small amounts of THC can prove harmful to them. Researchers have observed that THC has a more dramatic and profound effect on dogs than on humans. THC toxicity, therefore, is an ongoing risk.

About CompanionCBD

Why should I give my pet CompanionCBD products?

Because our soft chews are the strongest CBD product on the market.

Our secret is no secret, though. We simply put enough CBD in our soft chews to make a real difference. Not only are our products extremely powerful, they taste good! With CompanionCBD’s soft chews, you’ll never have to force droppers of oil down your pet’s throat again.

CBD is everywhere, so be honest: Won't any CBD do the trick? Why is yours so special?

Here’s the deal: The marketplace is littered with cheap, adulterated products, many of which barely contain CBD at all. Worse, they might contain larger-than-disclosed amounts of THC or other contaminants such as heavy metals. While a little extra THC might not have an effect on you, it can be extremely toxic for your pets. Especially dogs.

Our products are confirmed free of contaminants and guarantee to provide the promised amount of CBD. We third-party verify and provide a certificate of analysis for every single batch. CompanionCBD’s products were developed by veterinarians and have gained the trust of the veterinary community.

Is the veterinary consultation really free?

Yes. Your pet deserves nothing less than a CBD plan built specifically for his or her individual needs. Unfortunately, CBD is not a one-size-fits-all-conditions substance, so we want to help you in your journey. In addition to dispelling any myths or false statements about CBD you might have heard, our doctors will help you build a plan designed solely for your pet.

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