CBD For Pets
Who We Are?

Companion CBD, LLC. Founded in 2018 is a Scottsdale, AZ based, veterinarian-owned CBD manufacturer and education company exclusively for animal health. We design and formulate award-winning CBD-based products exclusively for this marketplace. We pioneered nationally accredited continuing education programs about CBD for veterinary medicine. We have trained over 35,000 veterinary professionals globally.

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Manufactured To The Strictest Standards

Our Commitment to Quality

Producing clinically effective, safe, palatable products for companion animals is our mission. Companion CBD is committed to producing the highest quality products for you while adhering to all state and federal regulations.

Independent Third Party Laboratory Testing

Our CBD and manufactured products are tested by an outside laboratory to ensure the safety our products. This testing screens our products for mold, bacterial or fungal contamination, heavy metal contamination and any pesticides. Furthermore, our certificate of analysis (COA) ensures that our products are formulated with CBD that is free of any THC.


Dosing Matters

CBD is not a treat. You’ll only see results
by administering the proper dosage.

Individual Plans

Our vets will help tailor a dosing
plan to meet your pet’s needs


Get the truth about CBD and how
it might benefit your pet.

Shop Our Pet CBD Products

  • Companion Soft Chew: 5mg CBD per chew.

  • Companion Soft Chew: 10mg CBD per chew.

  • Companion Soft Chew: 20mg CBD per chew.

  • Companion Soft Chew: 40mg CBD per chew.


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